Wednesday, 16 March 2016

People demonstrate toward many conspiracy theories about 9/11 and US-Afghanistan war. Even in America, many civilians and analysts were not in the favor of this war but a large population was also in the favor as well. In this article, we are going to discuss some positive and negative aspects of Afghanistan war.

Positive Aspects of Afghanistan War
  • Afghanistan war shows the American concern towards the safety of their citizens that state would not allow any terrorism group to performance any activity on its soil.
  • Afghanistan war also helped to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan.
  • It also became the reason of reunion of NATO forces. Similarly, it also provides the opportunity to European countries to show their united strength and mutual stance against terrorism in the world as well.
  • With the help of this war, Americans also got the chance to monitor the activities of Russia, China and Pakistan.

Negative Aspects of Afghanistan War

  • Firstly, this war has destroyed US economy and created unemployment in the country as well.
  • American citizens also paid the cost of this war in the form of taxes from their salaries as well.
  • A large of innocent Afghan civilians has lost their precious lives; similarly, American soldiers also lost their lives.
  • The ratio of suicides in US military forces has also increased and soldiers prefer to stationed at Fort Bragg or Mackall Army Baseof North Carolina rather than to be stationed at any military base of Afghanistan.
  • The neighboring countries of Afghanistan also affected from this war and instability in Pakistan is big example of it.
  • If we talk about consequences of this war then after a large time span, US armed forces are still engage in Afghanistan.